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Conflict resolution

Calm water. Photo (c) Andrew Grant

Everyone's individual view or map of the world is both unique and complex. Through our own experiences and the belief and value systems we have cultivated, we apply our own interpretation to events around us. One of the main reasons that conflict can arise, both in our personal and work life, is that we assume, often wrongly, that we understand other peoples intentions based on our own perceptions and beliefs.

In a fast moving and stressful work environment it is difficult to dissociate from your own beliefs and perceptions and acknowledge those of others. Additionally, in today's turbulent economic environment delivering bad news to employees is unfortunately common place. This often results in the need for those delivering the message to manage conflict and even anger in the recipients of the news.

NLP through a range of effective tools and concepts can help you manage existing conflicts and more importantly allow you to develop a more effective communication system to avoid and minimise conflict in the future. Through providing an understanding of how individual perceptions are formed and exploring the impact that our own language patterns and thinking can have on others you can work towards a happier less stressful work environment for everyone.